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stein1.jpgWhat do you want? Do you want to experience real health? Do you seek Natural Health as an alternative to drugs and surgery? Are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve real health? If your answers are yes, then you are on the right website. This is YOUR opportunity to discover ZONE HEALING, the most powerful healing in the world.

You are also in good company because patients travel from all over the world to California to be under the healing care of Dr. Richard G. Stein. His patients include: adults, children, pregnant women, newborns, musicians, actors, athletes, medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. The healing results that his patients achieve are amazing. Read the Patient Experiences and Zone Healing sections of this site to find out why. Then you will understand why this doctor is pleased to help people raise healthy, drug-free families.

Right now, let this in because it may save your LIFE. True healing occurs on Physical (body), Mental (mind), and Spiritual (soul) levels. Physical healing includes Zone Healing sessions, correct eating, proper exercise and proper rest. Mental and Spiritual healing require an understanding of the Natural Laws of Life and their relationship to health. Dr. Stein understands this and addresses Physical, Mental, and Spiritual healing with all of his patients. To support this goal he even provides a weekly Health Study Class to enlighten all of his patients on these topics. Through teaching comes the greatest healing.

Dr. Stein graduated from Michigan State University in 1982 and received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College-West in 1989. He then traveled to Israel and served as a Chiropractic pioneer by founding the Jerusalem Chiropractic Center. In 1991 he returned to the United States and opened his present clinic in La Jolla, California. Along the way he was recognized in the "Who's Who" of Executives and Professionals, served as a member in good standing of the International Chiropractors Association, as well as the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, the American Association of Spine Physicians and the Israel Chiropractic Society.

Dr. Stein looks forward to helping you. When you would like to make an appointment or for more information you can reach us by telephone at 858-587-7000 or email us:


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La Jolla Chiropractor. Richard Stein provides Family Chiropractor, Laser Therapy, Sports Injury, Back Pain, Headaches, Auto Accident Injury, Pregnancy Chiropractor, back pain relief, neck pain relief to the following locations: Del Mar, Mira Mesa, Miramar, San Diego. Del Mar Chiropractor providing Family Chiropractor, Laser Therapy, Sports Injury, Back Pain, Headaches, Auto Accident Injury, Pregnancy Chiropractor in La Jolla, Del Mar, Mira Mesa, Miramar, San Diego, California.