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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in La Jolla

Faster Healing, Faster Pain Relief

For those who wish to accelerate the healing process following an injury, Dr. Stein offers deep tissue laser therapy. This advanced laser therapy is painless and relaxing, and will help to reduce tissue inflammation and pain. Each deep tissue laser therapy session offered in our La Jolla office takes between two and a half to 15 minutes, and requires direct contact with the skin.

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Helping a Multitude of Problems

In addition to speeding up recovery time in athletic injuries, deep tissue laser therapy is also helpful in addressing:

Want to speed up the healing process after an injury? Call our La Jolla office today to see if laser therapy could help you!

  • The laser treatments are really amazing. They are being used on three separate areas. First is the chest area for congestion. I have seen dramatic decrease in the congestion. Second is the shoulder area-there was a lot of discomfort, and with the treatments, I have less pain and inflammation and greater range of motion. Also, my arms have been worked on due to fragile capillaries and a lot of bruising.

    The treatments have caused the bruising to disappear! Laser also works miracles on tightened muscles. I am most grateful that this form of healing is now available. I highly recommend it to all!

    - Satisfied Patient

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